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On behalf of the entire Regents School of Austin community, welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. Our website serves an important function for our school community with regular news and scheduling updates found on the other side of our community login. And for those of you learning about Regents School of Austin for the first time or seeking to learn more, the second function of our website is to help you understand our story and our distinctives.

Founded in 1992 with 17 students, Regents believes in a Christ-centered education for the whole person, flourishing throughout childhood and into adulthood. We call this classical Christian. Along our journey, the school has grown under the careful care of our community to an 82 acre campus with over 1000 students. We invite you to learn more and explore the following:

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  • Our Viewbook

    Our Viewbook provides a glimpse into the philosophy and programs Regents has to offer in an easy-to-read magazine style.

    Our Viewbook
  • Our Mission

    The mission of Regents School is to provide a classical and Christian education founded upon and informed by a Christian worldview, that equips students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good and beautiful, and which challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

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  • Our Classical and Christian Approach

    Regents' academic guiding principles are two-fold:  to integrate God's word into the curriculum and to capitalize on the Western liberal arts tradition. 
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  • Our Crest & Symbols

    The crest within Regents Traditional Seal is the symbolic heart of the school.  It contains a set of images that represent key elements of Regents' values, traditions, and aspirations.  The crest has four quadrants divided by a cross, with each quadrant identifying a unique aspect of Christian life.

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  • Our Academic Profile

    Our Academic Profile is distributed to colleges so they can learn more about Regents and the unique and challenging academics we offer.

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  • Our Magazine: Arches

    Our aim with Arches is to provide an easily accessible way for you to get a snapshot of the amazing stories and student enrichment happening at Regents.

    Read our digital magazine.
  • Our Annual Report

Every parent desires the best education possible for their children.  Our motor lab addresses focus on the entire young body and soul as we guide the efforts of the mind. Our academics challenge the mind, resulting in prepared students who achieve strong Advanced Placement scores and high SAT/ACT scores. Our Senior Thesis program is the capstone of the Regents educational experience and we invite you to learn more. But if you ask our faculty and staff, the true joy at Regents is growth of the student’s character and spiritual formation. This happens along the way through careful readings of ancient wisdom expanding our moral and spiritual capacities, through caring teachers shepherding hearts and minds, through ministeriums where students experience hands on the joy of serving others, and through our wonderful co-curriculars providing ample opportunity for growth in disciple, love, passion, attitude, poise, and focus.

Our Regents Parents Council is our biggest asset at Regents. Our parents come together and provide countless hours of volunteering. These hours create a partnership within our parent/teacher community resulting in incredible and memorable events throughout our calendar year.

Each and every day we seek to live up to our name. All of this and more has culminated into Regents School of Austin – a place for joy, character, challenge, commitment, and community. It is our privilege to host you here online, and we look forward to an opportunity to host you on our amazing campus. Please do plan to visit. I look forward to meeting you.

For His Glory,
Dan Peterson, Ph.D.
Head of School

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  • A Word from...Caroline Herlin, 6th Grade Composition Teacher

    Writing this column is one of the hardest things I’ve done this year. When it was time to write:
    I deep-cleaned my apartment.
    I did the dishes.
    I graded 80 expository essays.
    My computer screen stared at me accusingly as I did everything in my power to ignore the thoughts churning through my mind: “What if these 300 words aren’t good enough? What if I don’t have anything to say that someone else couldn’t have said? And it has to sound good -- I’m the Composition teacher!”
    What struck me as I finally sat down to face the blank document before me is that it takes courage to be honest and to share part of yourself through writing.
    In my sixth grade Composition classroom, vulnerability is important -- and scary. At the beginning of the year, I tell my students, “You will share your writing!” and they do -- from sharing creative “Where I’m From” poems to the introduction paragraph of argument essays. My students become accustomed to putting their work under the Elmo and reading it to their peers.
    Out of all the writing my students have shared this year, I’ve been most impressed by their Quickwrites. The assignment is simple: Write a response to another piece of writing in three to five minutes. Students can borrow a word or phrase from the original piece. Some students write reflective paragraphs while others gravitate toward writing poetry or funny narratives. The beauty of the Quickwrite is that it is a tool to force students to write without self-censoring. When you only have three to five minutes to write, you have to write from who you are. It is a greenhouse for vulnerability.
    What has struck me again and again is how creative and insightful our students are -- and how authentic and vulnerable they are willing to be with each other.
    Vulnerability is hard, but it’s important in both writing and relationships. God calls us to live in community with each other, and there is no community without authenticity. I am thankful for the sixth graders who inspire me in the practice of sharing my thoughts, even when it scares me.
  • A Word From...Dan Peterson, Head of School

    "As a leader, it is my role to serve, protect, and advance the mission of Regents...It is my vision that The Regents Podcast will giving a microphone to our mission as a school, for our community and the classical Christian school movement as a whole." 
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