School of Rhetoric

Writing Center

About the Writing Center

The Regents Writing Center is a resource available to all students in the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric.   Staffed by faculty and student tutors, the RWC offers student writers one-on-one help with any writing assignment, in any subject, at any stage of the writing process.  The goal of the RWC is not only to produce better papers, but also to produce better writers; to that end, the help students receive is non-directive and interactive.  Students may work with tutors on writing clear thesis statements, organizing paragraphs, writing stronger transitions, brainstorming, identifying and editing individual grammatical issues, or any other part of the writing process.  All writers need feedback, and RWC tutors help provide it!

The RWC is open at regular scheduled hours throughout the academic day and by appointment.  Consultations generally run between fifteen and thirty minutes, and students may return as many times as they like during the year.