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Cliff Angelo (Chair)
Travis Barton
Heather Beitzel
Angela Christian
Kristin Cowden
Matt Haris
John Harper
Kelly Mebane
David Pruitt
Tony Rhine
Yancy Rhine
Staci Schultz
Laine Tvrdik
Lara Vaughn
Meg Voelter
Dathan Voelter
Beck Brydon
Bethany Kelm
Kristen Sewell
Mary Jane Shorman
Andrew Smalley
Carla Smyrl

Needs Lists

Our goals cannot be accomplished without you!

2019 Athletics Needs
1) Sports Medicine Equipment and Supplies
2) Training Equipment
3) Uniforms and Safety Gear
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2019 Fine Arts Needs
1) Mobile Risers
2) Musical Instruments
3) Art Porch outfitting
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16th Annual Fundraising Event - Golf, Tennis, & Bocce Tournament

Regents Cup Thank you!
A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of this year’s Regents Cup, from everyone who played golf, tennis or bocce, our students who came out to help, and and our volunteers who made the event such a success. We raised a record $262,000 in support of our Fine Arts and Athletics programs!

Putt Off Contest: Chris Phillips
Longest Drive: Blake Contine
Closest to the Pin: Curtis Thigpen
Golf 1st Place: Phillip Wilhelm, Chris Tvrdik, Patrick Hotze, Ryan Linski
Golf 2nd Place: John Harper, Brendan Doherty, Chris McIlvain, Adam Swick
Golf 3rd Place: Pierre Mulacek, Reggie Denny, Butch Persad, Ron Ofers
Golf Consolation Prize: Nick Gordon, Brad Styles, B. Sterling Archer, Will Tucker
Tennis White: Kimberly Brienzi and Teresa Strickland
Tennis Gold: Patty O'Leary and Mrs. Atuna-Coella
Tennis Blue: Ali Ryan and Annie Brown
Bocce Team Winners: Lisa Barton, Stacey Moore, D'Anne Eustace, Sarah Heidler, and Stacy Brown

Regents Cup is an annual fundraiser benefitting Athletics and Fine Arts which helps to financially support department needs not covered by team fees and tuition dollars.

Questions? Contact Mary Jane Shorman at