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On behalf of the entire Regents School of Austin community, welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. Our website serves an important function for our school community with regular news and scheduling updates found on the other side of our community login. And for those of you learning about Regents School of Austin for the first time or seeking to learn more, the second function of our website is to help you understand our story and our distinctives.

Founded in 1992 with 17 students, Regents believes in a Christ-centered education for the whole person, flourishing throughout childhood and into adulthood. We call this classical Christian. Along our journey, the school has grown under the careful care of our community to an 82 acre campus with over 1000 students. We invite you to learn more and explore the following:

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  • Our Viewbook

    Our Viewbook provides a glimpse into the philosophy and programs Regents has to offer in an easy-to-read magazine style.

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  • Our Mission

    The mission of Regents School is to provide a classical and Christian education founded upon and informed by a Christian worldview, that equips students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good and beautiful, and which challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

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  • Our Classical and Christian Approach

    Regents' academic guiding principles are two-fold:  to integrate God's word into the curriculum and to capitalize on the Western liberal arts tradition. 
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  • Our Crest & Symbols

    The crest within Regents Traditional Seal is the symbolic heart of the school.  It contains a set of images that represent key elements of Regents' values, traditions, and aspirations.  The crest has four quadrants divided by a cross, with each quadrant identifying a unique aspect of Christian life.

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  • Our Academic Profile

    Our Academic Profile is distributed to colleges so they can learn more about Regents and the unique and challenging academics we offer.

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Every parent desires the best education possible for their children.  Our motor lab addresses focus on the entire young body and soul as we guide the efforts of the mind. Our academics challenge the mind, resulting in prepared students who achieve strong Advanced Placement scores and high SAT/ACT scores. Our Senior Thesis program is the capstone of the Regents educational experience and we invite you to learn more. But if you ask our faculty and staff, the true joy at Regents is growth of the student’s character and spiritual formation. This happens along the way through careful readings of ancient wisdom expanding our moral and spiritual capacities, through caring teachers shepherding hearts and minds, through ministeriums where students experience hands on the joy of serving others, and through our wonderful co-curriculars providing ample opportunity for growth in disciple, love, passion, attitude, poise, and focus.

Our Regents Parents Council is our biggest asset at Regents. Our parents come together and provide countless hours of volunteering. These hours create a partnership within our parent/teacher community resulting in incredible and memorable events throughout our calendar year.

Each and every day we seek to live up to our name. All of this and more has culminated into Regents School of Austin – a place for joy, character, challenge, commitment, and community. It is our privilege to host you here online, and we look forward to an opportunity to host you on our amazing campus. Please do plan to visit. I look forward to meeting you.

For His Glory,
Dan Peterson, Ph.D.
Head of School

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  • Excellence Defined Biblically: Are We Half-Hearted Creatures? (part 2)

  • Excellence Defined Biblically: Are We Half-Hearted Creatures? (part 1)

    There are moments in my life that cause me to ponder what is excellent . . . Drew Holcomb, a renowned musician and lead singer of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, is a graduate of a Christian school. I heard him speak a few years ago that caused me to ponder excellence, when he stated . . . 
    "I often am asked why I am not a ‘Christian’ musician. My response is that I am a musician who is a Christian. When I go out to eat at a nice restaurant I do not ask myself, “Is the chef a Christian chef?” Instead I choose a restaurant where the chef makes something true and good and beautiful out of the gifts that God gave him or her, regardless of whether they acknowledge the giver of the gifts. In the same regard, my heart as a musician is to write and sing music that points others to the true, the good, and the beautiful. This is my contribution to the culture as a musician who is also a Christian."
  • A Brief History in Liberal Arts

    Here is second video of three that covers the presentation Josh Simmons made to our faculty regarding Liberal Arts education. It is our hope and intent that our entire school community knows and understands our identity as a school. We see this as a valuable tool for you to view! This episode gives a brief history of Liberal Arts guided by pictures to discuss how these ideas developed and moved into the modern world where we inherit them today. Josh hopes to help us see ourself as part of this tradition.
  • What is a Liberal Arts Education?

    During faculty training in August, Josh Simmons, our Associate Head of School of Rhetoric, did a masterful job of giving a macro-perspective of liberal arts education to our faculty team. We videoed the teaching and while it is not exceptional in quality, I believe it is a valuable tool for you to view and learn about some of our key underpinnings as a school. Watch here.
  • Community and Court of Honor

    Community is a linchpin of reaching our fullest potential. I remember first arriving on the campus of Regents to interview for a position in the spring of 2012. The buzzword spoken the most was community. I was reminded of community last Satuday as I attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor
  • Happy First Day!

    It was a glorious morning yesterday as we welcomed back our students and families to campus! I loved seeing the smiling faces, laughter, and joy throughout the plaza yesterday morning. I appreciate all the volunteer Dads who show up every week day for Dads Curb Service dedicated to keeping everyone safe during drop off.
    As we begin a new year, I want to encourage you to dedicate yourself to praying for your child(ren), teachers, and school leadership. One of my favorite things I observed yesterday was a group of mothers huddled in a circle praying on the plaza. What a blessing! Earlier this week, I had the chance to speak to the Homeroom Moms who work so hard throughout the year to serve and communicate. I read a passage from Psalm 90:16-17, and it is my prayer for this school year:
    Let your work be shown to your servants,
    and your glorious power to their children.
    Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us,
    and establish the work of our hands; 
    yes, establish the work of our hands!
    May the Lord show us, his servants, the work ahead. May our children sense God’s glorious power. May God’s favor and blessing be upon us as He establishes our work unto Him. This is life Coram Deo – before the face of God.
  • The Big Picture of Educational Fruit

    By: Dan Peterson

    As I begin to write to our community, I want you to know that one of my foundational beliefs as a Christian leader serving in education is that the teacher is the greatest asset of a school. As part of my onboarding strategy, I felt the need for the Regents faculty and staff team to read 
    Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks this summer. We plan to dialogue and interact with this book throughout this year in learning communities. This week I want to give you one of my key “take-aways” from this book. 

    “What is important is not what you do as a teacher, but what the learners do as a result of what you do.” –Howard Hendricks in Teaching to Change Lives

    This is a paradigm shifting statement. In other words, it turned my world upside down a bit on what I thought was good pedagogy. The teacher has the most fantastic opportunity to influence and inspire the learner on a daily basis. Essentially, teachers are working with the future each and every day. They make both small and big deposits into the lives of the students that they are blessed to teach. The statement above delivered by Hendricks begins with the end in mind. How will the students be affected by what a teacher does? What will the teacher lead the student to do? What is the fruit or the by-product of the effective teacher? Keeping the end in mind is critical to what we do in the present. This is where the rubber hits the road.
  • Welcome Letter from the Head of School

    Dear Families,
    Greetings! I hope you are enjoying some rest and relaxation this summer. I am excited to be in
    Austin serving Regents as Head of School. It is my heart to serve, protect, and advance the
    mission of our school. In returning to the community of Regents, let me first say it is a unique
    and special place. Texas captured our hearts and became a place dear to our family. I am
    honored to rejoin this amazing community, and especially the group of faculty and staff serving
    children and partnering with families. Our family has already been blessed by the thoughtfulness
    and hospitality by many of you as we moved here from Tennessee last week.

    I am thankful to Ronnie Long for his incredible leadership over the past six months. He has
    served the school with wisdom and faithfulness and looks forward to leading the School of Logic
    and helping me transition well. Our team is working hard to get ready for the 2018-2019 school
    year. I will be spending time listening and learning during this upcoming school year. In the
    coming weeks, I would ask you to specifically pray for the following events that will be
    monumental for the future: Board Retreat (July 20), Senior Staff Retreat (July 31), and Faculty
    and Staff Retreat (August 6-7). There are great days ahead for Regents as we enter our 27th
    year serving families, by providing a classical and Christian education.

    As our culture becomes increasingly hostile to Christianity, our unity will be important. The
    gospel is good news to share and teach daily. The renowned 20th century theologian, Carl F.H.
    Henry, advocated an evangelical faith that was characterized more by what it was for than what
    it was against. As Gregory Alan Thornbury, Chancellor of the King’s College in New York City,
    notes, “it (evangelicalism) was upbeat, confident, evangelistic, and engaged.” We are a school
    community committed to gospel influence through the vehicle of classical and Christian
    education. We will be purposed to equip students to know, love, and practice that which is true,
    good, and beautiful and challenge our students to strive for excellence as they live purposefully
    and intelligently in the service of God and man. This is our glorious mission! My hope and vision
    for our students is they grow to be men and women who “turn the world upside down” (Acts

    In closing, I pray that you will enjoy the rest of your summer with family and friends. I look
    forward to seeing you in August. Go Knights!

    Soli Deo Gloria,
    Dan Peterson, Ph.D.
    Head of School
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