Regents at a Glance

Our Mission

The mission of Regents School is to provide a classical and Christian education founded upon and informed by a Christian worldview, that equips students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful, and challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

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  • By Classical we mean

    1. It follows the methodology of the Trivium, seeking to identify appropriate analogies of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric in all subjects and to teach all subjects in a manner consistent with the appropriate stage of development of the child.
    2. It understands the term "classical education" in the context of the classical search for wisdom and virtue through the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.
    3. It emphasizes and seeks to preserve and pass to successive generations the richness of our Western cultural heritage.
  • By Christian we mean

    1. All knowledge is made complete only when seen and understood in relation to the eternal glory and purposes of the triune God.
    2. Each aspect of our educational endeavor is founded upon and informed by a thoroughly biblical worldview. 
    3. All subjects are taught as part of a unified, integrated whole that demonstrates God's character and glory as revealed through creation, providence and Scripture.

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Senior Staff

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  • Dr. Dan Peterson 

    Head of School
  • Brig Thompson 

    Interim Head of Grammar School
  • Ronnie Long 

    Head of School of Logic
  • Liz Benigno 

    Head of School of Rhetoric
  • Beck Brydon 

    Director of Athletics, Head Football Coach
  • Andrew Smalley 

    Director of Fine Arts