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Fall 2018 Classes
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Academic Classes
Ann St. John
Renee Mills
Kimberly Brown
Latin Club Kimberly Brown
Science Club
Mandy Taylor
Math & Coding Games
Brandon Shufflebarger
& Rachael Zepeda
4th-8th TH  12 8/30-11/15 3:30-4:30
Art Portfolio Development Kaitrin Mathew 7th-12th TH 13 9/6-12/6 3:20-4:30 $325
Kristen Lemon
Amanda Stevens
Photography Ted Parker  6th-12th T 14 8/28-12/4 3:30-4:30 $350

Co-Curricular Class Descriptions

Speech Club 5th-8th grade ($350/10 weeks)
Speaking is something you do every day, and Speech Club is a way to help you become a more effective speaker while having fun with other students. Speech Club is a fun, competitive and educational way to grow and explore your speaking skills. Whether you are shy or outgoing, an introvert or extrovert, you have the ability to be an effective speaker. We will learn the basic skills needed for public speaking by practicing with each other, playing games and competing with other schools in speech competitions. Older students will have opportunities to lead and train and design a club t-shirt. We will be training to become “The good man (or woman) speaking well” (Quintilian). This is a fun, interactive club that will help prepare you to compete in PSIA speech competitions, the Celtic Speech competition as well prepare you for everyday speaking in your classroom and community. Meetings will be on Mondays after school and will be comprised of: learning a new skill weekly, snack and fellowship opportunities and time to practice for competitions. Your teacher Ann St. John is a 6th grade teacher at Regents and has been involved with coaching and leading speech events for PSIA and other competitions for six years.

Red Sofa Literary Society 5th-6th grade ($350/12 weeks)
A literary society is a group of people enthusiastic about their shared interest in literature. Literary societies were once part of nearly every academic institution and were avenues for literature enthusiasts to read, meet, and discuss favorite books, short stories, and poetry. If you are as ardent about stories as some are about spm1s, if you have a longing to learn to discuss great books without raising your hand, if you think your favorite poem is best read with an Irish accent, if you wonder what makes a great short story, or if you just think all books are best enjoyed with a snack, then this will be the society for you! Every week, our society will nibble on bibliophilic snacks such as scones and tea or cookies and milk while we learn the art of analyzing, reading, and discussing great literature. Books are meant to be shared. Come learn how to do so intelligently!
Your teacher, Mrs. Mills first began teaching 6th grade literature in 1995; her first book to teach was A Wrinkle in Time. Since then, she has taught literature to several age groups - preschool through high school. Two of her favorite books to teach so far are The Hobbit and A Tale of Two Cities. Class will meet on Wednesdays after school.

Latin Club 6th- 8th grade ($300/11 weeks for 6th grade & 12 weeks for 7/8th grade)
Latin Club brings together students who have a love for the Classical world and the Latin language to represent Regents at certamina – or, Latin Club competitions. Certamen means ‘struggle’, or ‘contest’ in English and consists of a team buzzer competition where facts about the ancient world have to be quickly remembered by players. We meet weekly to learn information additional to regular Latin class, play certamen and hold fun intra-mural contests. In addition, the Latin Club does a Saturday team-building day at Camp Buckner in October. The cost of Latin Club is $300 per student and includes enrollment into the National Junior Classical League, the Texas State Junior Classical League, a Latin Club t-shirt and registration for competitions.

Science Club 1st-6th grade ($500/14 weeks)
Spend one hour after school each Wednesday learning about cool and fun topics in science; ranging from electricity and circuits to chemistry and DNA and learn about topics in physics, chemistry, and biology. Each student will do a fun experiment and take home their results! Mrs. Taylor first taught Chemistry at Regents from 2002-2004. She now has three children who attend Regents and has worked as a chemical engineer in the Texas oil industry. This class meets on Wednesdays after school.

Math & Coding Games 4th-8th grade ($400/12 weeks)
This class will teach kids a series of fun games to strengthen their skills in logical reasoning, problem-solving and math sense. Games will be a mix of board games (classical/ancient and new) and coding activities (Scratch and Python). After working in corporate finance at GE, Mr. Shufflebarger seized the opportunity to join the Teach for America program and taught Math in underprivileged schools for three years. He spent his first year teaching in the Mississippi Delta, where he led a group of Algebra students to the highest test scores in the district, and his last two years in inner-city Indianapolis. He attended a school similar to Regents in High School that had a profound impact on his worldview growing up. After completing her math education degree in Ohio, Mrs. Zepeda taught at a Christian school for 8 years. At the end of 7th years she longed to be near family and really enjoyed the thought of teaching at Regents, the school that played a part in the incredible man her younger brother (J.C. Mohler graduating class of 2005) has become. After praying about the decision and sending in her resume, the rest of her transition to Regents fell into place with ease. Class meets after school on Thursdays.

Art Portfolio Development 7th -12th grade ($325/13 weeks)
This class will offer the essentials for the student preparing his/her art portfolio in 2D media, focusing on painting, drawing, and mixed media. The instructor will give one on one instruction and provide the necessary tools for each artist to develop their creativity and technical skill for the upper level art portfolio. Class meets on Thursdays.

Behind the Museum Door (NEW PROJECTS) 1st-5th grade ($350/14 weeks)
Students will learn about famous artists and create projects through that artist’s inspiration.
Topics: George Rodrique Pet Portraits Paintings, Alan Minshull Under the Sea Chalk and Glue Drawings, Native American Indian Pinch Pots in Clay, Wassily Kandinsky Concentric Circles Tree Collage, J.K. Brown Soup can and wire Robot sculptures, Bubble Gum Self-Portrait paintings on canvas. Your teacher, Mrs. Kristen is an experienced Art Education teacher with a background of over 12 years in both public and private schools. She has also created art curriculum and taught students in a private after school art studio for children ages Pre-Kindergarten - 7th grade as well as taught private art lessons and summer art camps. Mrs. Lemon has taught after school Co-Curricular Art Classes at Regents for one year and is also the School of Logic Visual Arts teacher. She has spent her life exploring and developing amazing ways to encourage and engage children in the art of self-expression, creativity and thinking. Class will meet on Thursdays after school.

Dance 1st-3rd grade ($350/14 weeks)
Students will gain strength, flexibility and poise while learning a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. Dancers will build upon basic skills and grow as dancers and performers. The session will conclude with the dancers performing pieces for family and friends on December 10. Mrs. Stevens was inspired by the beauty of dance as a little girl and began training in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. She danced through high school and was an officer on her high school drill team in Alvin, Texas. She received a dance scholarship to Stephen F. Austin University and graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Mrs. Stevens danced professionally with Planet Funk Entertainment and at Disney's California Adventure Park and continues to work with local artists on various dance projects. She lives in south Austin with her husband, Daniel, and has three children. Amanda is excited to share her passion for dance, to guide the children in growing their gifts, and to delight in the joy of dancing to glorify and praise our Lord! Class will meet on Wednesdays after school.

Photography 6th-12th grade ($350/14 weeks)
Lessons will concentrate on both the mechanics of using equipment (camera, lighting/flash, tripod) as well as artistic expression and teaching in the context of using photography in a way that always honors/magnifies God - Coram Deo - bringing out each student’s individual artistic gifts. Class will meet on Tuesdays after school.