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Regents Alumni Network

The Regents Alumni Network was established in 2013
and serves to connect alumni to each other and the extended school community.
At the end of the 2017 school year, the Regents Alumni Network (RAN) was 654 members strong. Residing all over the world, our Alumni are enrolled at great universities, involved in exciting projects, working in challenging fields, and making a difference wherever they call home.

Alumni Internship Connection

Participation in internships during college is increasingly a critical element in graduates job searches and identifying prospects.  We are here to help Regents graduates connect with current and past parents and other Regents Alumni. Current connections can be found here

Alumni Connecting to Each Other

RAN hosts Social Hours and Class Gatherings all year long. Check Facebook for details.

Graduation Class Photos

Do you have a better or higher quality photo of RSA graduating classes (especially 2000-2009)? Please share at

Year at a Glance Alumni Opportunities

Connect with campus life and tell your story!
Let us know you are available by sending an email to

Convocation (August)
Dads Boot Camp (August)
Open House (November/January)
Regents Thanksgiving (November)
Career Day (January)
Sr. Dinners during Austin Mission Trip (March)
Regents Cup (April)
Senior/Alumni Lunch (May)
Thesis, Baccalaureate, Graduation (May)

Connect to the School.

Find Regents School news and updates here. 
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Updating us on your location and news.

On the move. 
One of the best and most awesome things about being a college student or young professional is the chance to move around for school, travel, jobs and more.  However, all of the movement also creates the challenge of us finding you and you keeping up with your classmates!  We want to stay in touch and hope you will keep us informed about your whereabouts!
Regents sends out a variety of printed and emailed material to our graduates and extended community, including past parents. We hope you will keep your addresses current. Click here to update.
If you want to share an exciting update or share great news, we want to hear about that too!  Send to same email…

Regents Alumni Network Steering Committee

Do you want to serve as an alumni representative on the RAN planning committee?

Regents Alumni Network.  Connecting Our Community.