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Moms for Moms Bootcamp

Regents Moms for Moms Bootcamp
February 2, 2019, 8:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
For 27 years, Regents Moms have been ‘doing life together’.
In His wisdom, God brought each of us to Regents for a reason.

February 2 is a once-a-year opportunity to take a Saturday morning and come benefit from all that is special in fellowship, talk and laughter between moms of all ages and experiences. Meet moms across the schools of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Meet moms who have been around Regents for decades, and moms who are just starting their Regents journey. Hear from those who have traveled the parenting road before. Laugh with each other, learn from each other, lean on each other, pray with each other. 

Come grab coffee & tacos at 8am, we’ll kick off promptly at 8:30am, and we’ll have you out by 12:30pm sharp.

We intend to be honest and upbeat, dressed casually, and in it to win it together. You can sign up below so we can save you a seat and a taco. If you need to step out for a bit, we will be glad to have you when you can be there!  There's no cost. Feel free to pass this along to any moms who are asking questions or might be interested