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Welcome to the School of Logic!

For anyone wondering whether middle school is a critical age in the life of a child, note Jesus' age in the only account of his life from his birth to his ministry. (Hint -- he had just turned twelve.)

Middle school students enter Logic Hall as old children and exit as young adults. While they are with us, our teachers and coaches walk with them and guide them as they mature emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Our academic goals for the School of Logic students include learning how to become self-learners, learning how to manage their schedules and demands, and learning how to think critically and logically. 


Neque enim quaero intelligere ut credam, sed credo ut intelligam (I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe, but rather, I believe in order that I may understand)

Classical Education

Some might think Classical Education is attractive, but impractical. But is this true? The pinnacle of our Logic curriculum is the study of logic itself. Our informal/inductive and formal/deductive curricula equip students to recognize errors in arguments, both their own and others'.  It is a skill they take into the rest of their studies: 

  • into science, where they develop and test hypotheses;
  • into mathematics, where they break down complicated problems into approachable equations;
  • into Latin, where they grasp the order and structure of language;
  • into literature, where they explore authors' visions and narratives and develop their own stories and coherent ideas;
  • into Bible, where they examine the wholeness and rationality of Scripture;
  • into history, where they examine the consequences of events and ideas;
  • --and into the rest of their lives as well.
Nothing could be more practical.


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