The mission of the Regents Fine Arts program is to glorify God by using and developing the artistic gifts given by Him and to establish an enduring appreciation and longing to esteem and share that which is beautiful in the eyes of God.

A Word from the Director of Fine Arts

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  • Welcome to Regents Fine Arts!

    Some of my earliest and fondest memories as a child are with my grandfather. Every night I’d spend with him, he’d tuck me into bed and share with me a new story about a man named Joe and his adventures with bears and wild animals.

    I often point back to those evenings as one of the reasons I love stories so much. 

    You can imagine my delight when I learned for the first time that Scripture tells one unified, grand redemptive story. I realized this meant God is the First and Great Storyteller, the Author of Creativity. 

    I think this is the real reason I’m drawn to stories and creativity so much: I’m a character in God’s Story. We all are characters in God’s Story, a story that’s all about one man. Jesus the Christ. 

    This summer, my wife Megan and I packed our cars to the brim and drove to Austin, TX so we could serve the students at Regents. My wife and I grew up in Southern California, and we met at a play audition at our college in Los Angeles. Pretty soon, we married and moved to KY. From there we taught at a number of classical Christian schools and started theatre programs for our students as well. Though we didn’t plan it, the arts have always been at the heart of our ministry. 

    I consider it an incredible privilege to serve as the Director of Fine Arts. I’m truly humbled to serve alongside a faculty as gifted and experienced as ours. My prayer is that our Fine Arts program would be marked by a rest in Christ that unleashes Spirit-filled creativity wherever it touches. I want to see our students study and practice the arts with fresh delight and a heart of discernment. And I can’t wait to see our young artists use their God-given talents to deliver creativity into the world that’s marked by truth, goodness, and beauty. 

    I’m praying for you, so please stop by my office and say hello! May Christ be magnified in us and through us this year!

    Dane Bundy
    Director of Fine Arts

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    Beth Itskin 

    Fine Arts Coordinator
  • Photo of Dane Bundy

    Dane Bundy 

    Director of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Core Values

Five Facts to Know as you Begin

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  • Core Component of a Regents Education

    Fine Arts is an integrated and core component of a Regents education.
  • Spanning All Three Schools

    The Fine Arts span all three schools: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Nevertheless, they exist uniquely as a division in their own right.
  • Festivities & Performances

    Festivities and performances are simply a part of the everyday educational environment.
  • Contributing to the Greater Artistic Community

    Many of our teachers not only serve our school community, but also contribute to the greater artistic community of Austin.
  • Our Mission

    The mission of Regents Fine Arts is: To glorify God by using and developing the artistic gifts given by Him and to establish an enduring appreciation and longing to esteem and share that which is beautiful in the eyes of God.

Digging Deeper

At Regents, we promote the study of the fine arts because they teach foundational skills and character traits required for success in academic, business, and personal life. They form within students traits such as confidence, focus, and creativity. They can help students learn to speak clearly in public, receive constructive feedback, collaborate with others, and solve problems in real time. They also train a student in self-discipline and delayed gratification. Thus, we shouldn’t be surprised to see that many studies have concluded that fine arts students score significantly higher on standardized tests than those who do not study them. 

The fine arts can also elevate what is beautiful and joyful, offering rays of truth and hope in a fallen world. Art provides windows into the hearts and imaginations of past and present societies, helping us understand what a people group cherishes or despises, fears or loves. 

The fine arts help us remember that we share a common thread with all cultures: we are created in the image of the Author of Creativity. It’s no wonder that every flourishing society has left behind their works of art. Within every human being is the natural drive to create. 

Regents Fine Arts sees the study of creativity as a core objective of a classical and Christian education. Students not only study the fine arts in a classroom, but on the dance floor, the stage, on field trips and tours, concert series and workshops.

Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy

Regents School of Austin does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admission, financial aid or employment policies, or any other programs administered by the school.