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  • Chess Club (7th - 12th)

    The Regents Chess Club for Logic and Rhetoric meets every Wednesday during lunch in SOR 332. This is a perfect opportunity for Rhetoric and Logic players to come and play their friends and a great opportunity to meet students in other grades which allows for the formation of a Regents Chess Community. Please join us in 332 and come and be a part of our chess club. 
  • Chess Team (7th - 12th)

    Competitive Chess Team 7th-12th grade ($250 new members, $200 returning members/8 weeks, Mondays)
    The competitive chess team is ready to relaunch into the spring semester and we hope you will join us! Mr. Hayat was very pleased with the number of Rhetoric and Logic students who joined the Chess Team in the fall and hopes that more students will join this Spring. The fall Chess team participated in two online tournaments and will be doing a team tournament in February. This is a great opportunity to become a part of something special as we seek to create a Chess Legacy here at Regents. We will continue to learn openings, tactics and end game chess strategy. In addition, Mr. Hayat is planning to have an all school tournament and possibly host a US Chess Scholastic tournament later in the Spring at Regents. Mr. Hayat brings over 10 years total experience as a Chess Club Advisor, Teacher, Coach and also a former Chess Club President. “Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.” Former Russian World Chess Champion and Grandmaster Gary Kasparov. A membership in the US Chess will also be provided for all new members. 
  • Grammar School Chess

    Every chess master was once a beginner.” Former Russian National Master, Irving Chernev. Have you ever wanted your son or daughter to learn chess? This is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Chess lessons will be taught weekly by Mr. Hayat, a History teacher in the School of Rhetoric. Mr. Hayat brings over 10 years total experience as a Chess Club Advisor, Teacher, Coach and also a former Chess Club President. Hayat brings his enthusiastic passion for the game of chess which he hopes will be embraced by all the new chess players. Beginners will learn chess setup, piece movement and chess strategy. Young chess players will also begin to understand the rules and the objective of chess. Does your child already know how to play but want to improve? The intermediate class will go deeper into strategy, teaching concepts such as chess tactics and various strategies that will help them improve.  In order to ensure that chess passion is the only thing spreading in his classroom all students will be wearing masks and all boards and pieces will be sanitized.  The boards and pieces will also be sanitized. A membership in the US Chess is included as well as information and opportunities to participate in both US Chess rated and non-rated tournaments and events.
  • Chess Summer Camps

    Come join Mr. Hayat as he tries to teach his students new strategies to improve their game. Whether you want to beat a parent, grandparent, or friend, the skills that we will discuss will help you improve. In chess we have 20 first possible moves but after a few moves the number of possibilities of moves jumps up into the millions. Only chess can present you with this many decisions. You are the commander of your army and Mr. Hayat wants to help you become more powerful.  We will also examine the middle game in chess where knowing tactics such as forks, pins, and skewers is very helpful. It is not enough to know about something but it is also necessary to be able to find them during a game and so we will practice finding different tactics especially as it relates to the middle game in chess. Endgame in chess is one of the most important parts of the game. You are down to kings and pawns and your opponent has his kings and a few pawns left, what do you do? The moves you make now are very important now that you're more powerful major and minor pieces are no longer on the board are very crucial! It will be important to use your king effectively, and work to advance your pawns safely across the board and we will explore fun ways to do that well! 

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Regents Chess is a proud member of the Texas Chess Association and the US Chess Federation.

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