The Instrumental Music Program at Regents serves various communities by sharing God’s gift of music through performance. The goal of the program is to develop independent musicians with the technical and musical skills to prepare music, and serve their communities musically as they go out into the world. Students participating in large ensembles have the opportunity to perform for a large variety of events, including: semester concerts, chapel services, athletic events, state competitions, graduation and special campus events. Individually, students may participate in solo and ensemble competitions, audition for All-State music competitions and prepare music for various campus events.
Students will be exposed to a variety of musical styles which broadens their minds to different cultures and historical periods in the world. They will also increase their ability to read music notation. (This symbolic system challenges the mind to use its highest creative potential and aids it in the understanding of not only art, but language and science as well.)

Being a part of musical activities is an integral part of preparing students to contribute to the world in any occupation or capacity. Band provides opportunities for students to develop individually in leadership roles, to work collectively, to set and meet goals, and develop their creativity and imagination.

5th Grade Band
As part of the band program, beginning students will learn the proper performance techniques for an instrument (assembly, posture, breathing, fingering, music notation reading) and music ensemble instruction.  With the help of the band director and his approval, students have the option of learning flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, baritone or trombone.  This group of musicians will perform for several events throughout the year including Christmas Concert, spring Ministerium and Grandparents Day. In addition to the two class periods students will meet before school for supplementary instruction with the teacher.

6th Grade Band
The 6th grade band members will continue studying and learning foundational techniques for their specific instrument as well as ensemble skills. With increased technical ability, the band will spend more time exploring and learning band compositions. The band will perform for several events throughout the year including: a Christmas Concert, Grandparents Day and compete in the “Sound Waves” band competition which includes a trip to the Schlitterbahn Water Park! In addition to the two class periods students will meet before school for supplementary instruction with the teacher.

All students currently enrolled in band as a 5th grader automatically join the 6th grade band (performing the same instrument) as well as new students to Regents who already have one year of band experience at another school. All other students who are interested in joining band should contact Dane Bundy.

School of Logic Beginning Brass/Woodwinds (7th-8th)
The Beginning Brass & Woodwind Course will prepare a student to learn an instrument so that he/she can participate in the Concert Band ensembles perhaps as early as the following year.  First semester students will focus on playing fundamentals.  They will learn the proper playing techniques for their individual instruments, which will include: proper playing position/posture, beginning instrumental fingering, note reading skills, ear training, and general ensemble instruction.  Second semester students will continue progressing toward more challenging music while sharpening their instrumental prowess and focusing on new skills.  They will work toward greater competency in their individual playing ability and in their ensemble performance as a whole. 

School of Logic Band (7th-8th)
The School of Logic Band is open to Regents students who have been in band in grades 5-6 and new students who have completed a year of study in another school.

The Band will begin studying and performing more challenging music. It will perform semester concerts and a band competition at a theme park at the end of the year. Individually, students will continue to develop technical skills on their instrument for greater facility giving special attention to musicality. Students will participate in the Regents Solo and Ensemble competition in the fall term and prepare audition music for Texas Private School Music Education Association (TPSMEA) Honor Band, which provides the opportunity to perform with Honor band students from across the state.

School of Rhetoric Concert Band (9th-12th)
Students in this course learn band music in a variety of musical styles and work collectively to prepare polished performances of their repertoire. Class time is devoted to practicing the skills required to play a musical instrument well individually and those required to play as part of an ensemble, toward the overall development of each student musician. In addition to learning band literature and preparing it for performance, students complete performance based assignments and are expected to practice outside of class.

Select students will combine with the Orchestra as a symphonic Ensemble meeting once a week Thursday mornings before school.

School of Rhetoric Jazz Band (9th-12th)
This is a small auditioned ensemble that focuses on learning and performing jazz pieces with styles including swing, Latin, bossa nova, and ballads.  We serve our communities by sharing God’s gift of music for a variety of functions.   Jazz Band consists of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section (electric bass, guitar, piano, and drum set).   The Jazz Band will meet separately from the Concert Band on the 3rd day of band classes and one morning before school each week.  This group performs at the end of each semester, for Regents Cup entertainment, and for TAPPS competitions (solo and ensemble) in the spring.  This is not an ensemble for beginners.  Contact Mr. Archer for if interested in signing up for this class.  He will need to give you approval before you can sign up for this class.  There may not be a space available for certain instruments.  This is a no credit class.

Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy

Regents School of Austin does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admission, financial aid or employment policies, or any other programs administered by the school.