Pattie Ferrick

Visual Art — Grammar
Pattie has loved doing Art from the get go.  She studied at UT and got her Fine Arts degree in Studio Art. She worked for several years as a graphic designer.

Pattie met her husband, John, in college while working with high school students in Young Life. Later, while raising 4 children, she taught preschool for 17 years, creating art with young children. She was also busy teaching art camps and set design with church drama camps. She also worked with a puppet ministry for 25 years. 

She loves hanging out with and cooking for her husband, children, and grandchildren!   When not getting dirty with paint or clay, she is digging in the dirt, tending her garden where she loves discovering bugs, lizards, snakes, and spiders, or just the colors of the dirt…oh and the flowers too :)

Inspired by God’s creation, Pattie strives to spark curiosity and sharpen observational skills in her students by making connections to everyday life and learning, engaging them to see Art in everything around them, and inviting them into the creative process and pushing them to go beyond what they think they can do. 

From ancient to modern art, Pattie loves to see the unique ways that each culture brings beauty to their work throughout the history of art.  She is especially inspired by the ancient Greek artists seeking beauty in the human figure to Van Gogh’s paintings seeking expression, each reflecting the creative process gifted by God.

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