Knights in the Spotlight: Dick Mattern

Dick Mattern has been at Regents since 2007 serving on the facilities team. You might have seen his face especially around Grammar Hall. Prior to serving at Regents, Mr. Mattern was a missionary in Africa for almost 20 years, and three of his children were born there. Mr. Mattern has even spoken to several 3rd grade classes about his time as a missionary in Kenya. Mr. Mattern shared how sharing the good news of Jesus is just one of many ways missionaries do their job. "People use any job you can name for the glory of God!" While serving in Africa, he did a lot of community development work while implementing a discipleship plan that he developed while in seminary. His plan, called Life Style Discipleship, involves working side by side with people, sharing and living out a Christ-like life together with them. We are blessed to have Mr. Mattern as part of the Regents family!