On the 82 Acres: Carrot Harvest

Harlan Gilliam
One of the highlights of our grammar students’ nature studies class is the seasonal garden. The fall garden gets our attention at the beginning of the school year, and carrots are a favorite with all grades.
The students prepare the garden by removing weeds, breaking up the soil, and adding compost. As we sow the seeds, we contemplate the words of Jesus from Mark 4:26,”The kingdom of God is as if a person should scatter seed on the ground.”

Now we wait. (Heb. 6:12, Gal. 6:9) Finally, it is time to harvest the crops. With great anticipation and joy we pull the carrots from the soil. The smiles and exclamations of delight grow as the carrots’ sizes and shapes are revealed.

At last we divide the harvest and celebrate the goodness of God for calling us to participate with Him in His kingdom. Crunch, crunch, Amen.