Knight in the Spotlight: Raleigh Dewan

Senior Raleigh Dewan recently was named a Coca-Cola Scholar. Out of 95,715 applicants, only 150 are named Coca-Cola Scholars.
Raleigh enjoys writing, cooking, and philosophy. As the Editor-In-Chief of both the school newspaper and literary magazine, Raleigh loves crafting and spreading stories through his local community and inciting action with his writing. Raleigh has been published in Elan Literary Magazine and received a Silver Key for his writing by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. While Raleigh has many culinary specialties, nothing excites him more than making steaks on Saturday nights with his family with his secret garlic thyme butter. Raleigh started a sweet tea company, Sister Shaq's Sweet Tea, based off his novel which donates a portion of its proceeds towards the fight to stop human trafficking. On May 17, Raleigh will be presenting his thesis on the need for modern Christians to address spiritual warfare in an increasingly secular, naturalistic culture.