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  • Prayers

    From the beginning this has been a school founded on prayer.  We are deeply grateful to our founding families for their prayerful leadership. 

    And today, as you walk through the halls, offices and listen in while classrooms are in session, it is evident that prayer is a critical ingredient to the building of His school.  Each day teacher and students begin their day praying for one another.

    Regents parents get in on the action too!  Mom's prayer and Dad's prayer groups meet once a week and pray for our students, staff, faculty and community. 
  • Volunteer

    A core component of the Regents experience is the relationship of parents and gradparents to every aspect of the child's education from volunteering in the classroom, the Science and Nature Center, the lunchroom, or even the reception desk.  The vast amount of skills and experience, in combination with tremendous in-kind gifts, significantly reduce our operating costs.  In fact, we average more than 44,000 volunteer hours per year.
    If you would like to learn more about prayer groups or how you can volunteer, contact our RPC Chair.